Krafts N’ Creativity Located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, we follow the West Coast’s enduring tradition of pioneering new ideas and new products. We strive to deliver quality scrap booking products. Delivered straight to your doorstep. We have a wide selection of items, we are certain you’ll find what you’ll need for fun projects. Good for having fun, for party entertainment projects or just o create any personalized gift idea. To create your own invitations, centerpieces for your event. For school projects, personal decoration ideas, memories album, fundraiser projects

or whatever your imagination can dictate. Unleash your imagination. The sky is the limit.

Thank you and welcome to Kraft n’ Creativity.

Our Mission Statement

We’re committed to offering the best service to all crafters out there. Our dedicated effort is to bring you the best ideas and crafty designs, for a wonderful experience in making handmade projects. We would like to empower you to create memories of those crafting experiences for a healthier and happier way of living. Crafting makes for a relaxing way to release stress in this busy era. So get creative, let us assist.

Our Story

Since 2005 we organized events, decorated event venues, made center pieces decorations and crafted many handmade invitations for weddings, special occasion events, among others things. Creative expressions became our passion. We loved sharing that passion with others. Our retail location for this type of items became more dedicated to offering the necessary products for others to make their own ideas come true. We started to see growth in interest for scrapbooking products and made the necessary shifts to focus more and more in what we now have become. We needed to bring this to other areas around the country and created our site

Kraft N’ Creativity as the name will have it is for crafters to get creative. We are here to help.

What Makes Us Different

We are family owned and operated; we offer you the same service as everyone in our family circle. We know the hassle of dealing with large enterprises can be cumbersome. Our family oriented service has served us well throughout the years; we see things from the customer perspective giving us the greatest advantage over our competition.